Catholic Education South Australia


Families wishing to join the St Joseph’s School community need to follow the enrolment process:

  1. Contact the school on 8651 2449, email the school via or personally visit the school to make an enquiry about enrolling.  An application form and parent information pack will be provided for you.
  2. Return the completed Application Form to the school. Copies of birth certificate and Baptismal certificates (where applicable) must be provided.
  3. Parents/Caregivers and prospective students meet with the Principal. During this meeting you are given information about the school, have your questions answered and have a personalised tour of the school. This also provides an opportunity for the Principal, staff and other students to meet your child.
  4. If a position is available, a letter of ‘Offer of Enrolment’ is sent to you.
  5. If you wish to accept this enrolment offer, you simply sign the ‘Acceptance of Offer’ and return it to the school. 
  6. We welcome you to become part of the St Joseph’s School Community.

Two Intakes

Preschool is an important early step on your child's journey through education, giving them the chance to play, learn, grow and develop as part of an organised educational program.

~Our school's Enrolment Policy provides two intakes into Reception (Term 1 and Term 3). Please see below the relevant dates and school intakes for new Receptions:

  • The criteria for starting Reception on the first day of school in Term 1 continues to be that the child will attain the age of 5 on or before 30 April in that year.
  • The criteria for starting Reception on the first day of school in Term 3 is that the child will have attained the age of 5 on or before 31 October in that year.
  • Children starting in Reception in Term 3 will have a minimum of 6 terms in Reception
  • Children whose birthday falls between 1 November and 31 December are not eligible to commence school before the following year.