School Board

The School Board is one way that parents can become involved at a formal level.

The Board has the overall pastoral responsibility of caring for our community. It sets guidelines for the management of the school and is responsible for overseeing finances, the development of policies and facilities, and the provision of resources. 

In practice, this means that, in a spirit of partnership, Boards act in an advisory capacity to:

  • Develop policies that nurture the religious dimension and guide the direction of the school
  • Develop the relationship between the school and local Church
  • Ensure that the academic standards of the school must be at least as distinguished as that achieved in other schools in the region
  • Support the administration of the school
  • Offer pastoral care to the school community
  • Protect children
  • Monitor buildings and grounds development and maintenance
  • Exercise financial stewardship of the school
  • Ensure compliance with legal obligations

The School Board is comprised of the following: Priest, Chairperson, Treasurer, Principal, Staff Representative, Elected Representatives.

Parent representatives are elected at the Annual General Meeting during Term 1 of each year. School Board members are nominated by the school community to become a part of the School Board. 

Current Board Members:

Fr Ramel Morales, Bec Fahey, Jenny White (Chair), Nicole Lock, Kelly Limburg, Tania Limburg, Daniel Cherry, Tanya Polaski, Kylie Wells (Staff Rep)