Transition Program

Transition to Reception

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Our Transition program for new Reception children occurs weekly on Thursdays over a 4-5 week period at the end of Terms 2 and 4. Students immerse themselves in the R/1 classroom each week to familiarise themselves with the school environment, their teacher and classmates. The time spent at school each day gradually increases so as to ease the children into a full school day experience. Please see the document attached for our latest transition program dates and FAQ. 

Reception Transition Program End Year

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Transition to Middle School

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Each year during Term 4 our Year 6 students will participate in a transition program to familiarise themselves with the different aspects of secondary schooling even though they remain within the same school site. Students will engage in leadership activities and will be supported by their secondary peers during the transition process. 

Any students transitioning from other schools will be encouraged to join us for these days with dates set later in the year. We will communicate with new families and support their child in the transition process. 

Transition to Senior Secondary School

For students transitioning to Year 10, we will communicate with the school of your choice to ensure a smooth transition for your child into Senior Secondary School.

Locally, students can attend Peterborough High School. We also have a supported pathway to St Mark's College in Port Pirie.